Fine China

430+ dinner plates, 290+ salad plates, 270+ bread plates available


We have a wide array of mismatched vintage China to choose from. Our collections range from simple flowered patterns in an assortment of pastels and rich jewel tones to gold and silver plated rims. Our set includes makers such as The Johnson Brothers and Noritake. 

We live in an era where exquisite China isn’t often used so a wedding or special event is the perfect excuse to dine on such special plates. You can’t beat the beauty of vintage mismatched plates, each with unique colors and patterns to admire. No two place settings are alike and are sure to be great conversation starters with your guests. 

Mismatched China has the ability to blend perfectly with different wedding styles from elegant and classic to bohemian and rustic. 

They’re not just plates, they are part of your decor.

Transparent Glassware

All colors combined - 160+ Dinner, 275+ Salad, 100+ Bread plates available


This mismatched collection of clear & tinted glassware is a fun way to add a bit of sparkle to your tabletop design.  It can make your tables look beautiful and much more interesting with pops of color and various texture. Many of these plates have intricate designs and are made of exquisite pressed glass.

Styling your table with our china collection and mixing in some colored glassware is also a great way to get that beautiful and dreamy look and to bring out the colors of your event.


19-Dinner, 14-Salad, 14-Bread


3-Dinner, 33-Salad, 7-Bread


42-Dinner, 80-Salad, 24-Bread


8-Dinner, 15-Salad


11-Dinner, 22-Salad, 11-Bread


34-Dinner, 53-Salad, 11 Bread


12-Dinner, 11-Salad, 8-Bread




33-Dinner, 155-Salad, 57 Bread

CLEAR w/white:


White Collection

220+ dinner plates, 200+ salad plates, 110+ bread plates available


This mismatched set of white dishes are timeless and neutral and won’t compete with the colors you have chosen for your tablescape and overall decor. They are very versatile and can be dressed up or down. Our white collection consists of an array of white tones from pure whites, whites with a tan cast, gray-whites and cream-colored whites. All combined they make a very fresh, clean & crisp look. The mismatched patterns add interest and texture to your place settings. This set of dishes will allow you to add splashes of color to your tablescape in whatever other ways you choose.

White Collection w/Gold & Silver Accents

115+ Dinner, 25+ Salad, 15 Bread plates available


These mismatched plates can be combined with the White Collection and still be very versatile and fit perfectly with whatever your color scheme may be. These plates could be just the thing if you’re looking for the traditional look.


230+ dinner plates, 285+ salad plates, 90+ bread plates available


This vintage set includes plates that mostly date back to the 70s and 80s. It is mainly known for its organic floral patterns, most commonly wildflowers. These flowers usually come in browns, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and pinks. The background tends to be creamy or off-white in color and these plates are usually more dense in feel. It can be a great addition to your summer barbecue, fall celebration or any get together where your guests might appreciate the bold colors and nostalgia of it all.

Something Blue Collection

255+ dinner plates, 95+ salad plates, 160+ bread plates available


This collection of vintage plates is made up of a gorgeous array of blue and white patterns and makes for a very classic and sophisticated look.

Charger Plates


300+ Available